Erik Kulu, Fellow

Erik is known for creating 3 space databases: Nanosats Database, NewSpace Index, and Factories in Space. These large databases cover diverse entities and missions in domains such as nanosatellites, constellations, small launchers, in-space economy, in-space manufacturing, and many more. Often preceding many space industries before their takeoff, the datasets enable tracking and analyzing trends in NewSpace and are also provided as resources for those navigating the space industry. Erik strives to discern realities and uncover patterns while steering clear of industry hype. This approach allows him to offer balanced perspectives in numerous publications in between the sometimes overly enthusiastic projections about the space sectors.

Erik’s professional expertise spans the entire lifecycle of space systems. He has engaged in hands-on space systems engineering, satellite operations, and cutting-edge guidance, navigation, and control (GNC) engineering roles at NewSpace startups like Kepler Communications and AAC Clyde Space, where he has contributed to the development and launch of nano- and microsatellites. Early in his career, he was a member of the core team responsible for developing and operating the first Estonian satellite, ESTCube-1. Soon, Erik envisions space as a catalyst for addressing Earth’s greatest challenges, driving innovation, and uniting humanity around shared positive goals.