Mark Matossian, Senior Fellow

A veteran of aerospace and Silicon Valley startups, Dr. Matossian most recently spent 13 years managing global projects at Google – from satellites to data centers to Android. There, he specialized in scaling up new products and services, leading projects across Asia, Europe, and South America. He is a co-founder of Solstar Space Co., which partnered with Blue Origin and NASA to develop innovative satellite constellation telecom services for spacecraft.

As part of his aerospace work at Google, Dr. Matossian worked on the precursor to OneWeb, led program management of the Titan Aerospace UAV effort, and guided substantial growth at Terra Bella. At Terra Bella, he managed Earth imaging spacecraft production and launch operations, shifting the organization from a prototype-focused startup to a process-driven, scalable venture. Prior to moving to Silicon Valley, Dr. Matossian worked on the first wave of commercial constellation efforts, including Iridium and Teledesic, as well as the Strategic Defense Initiative.

Dr. Matossian holds degrees in aerospace engineering and Russian studies from the University of Michigan and the University of Colorado. He also attended the International Space University and has performed research at the Japanese Space Agency.