• Announcing the 2024-2025 Fellows Cohort

    The Institute of Space Commerce is thrilled to announce its 2024-2025 Fellows: Cody Knipfer, Makena Young, Nicolò Donà dalle Rose, Erik Kulu, Cody Retherford, Steven González, and John Klein!

    This new fellowship cohort brings an exciting wealth of expertise and passion to our program, where they’ll explore and share their research interests related to the business and policy of space commercialization.

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  • Institute of Space Commerce Forecasts a Transformative Year for Space Sector

    The Institute of Space Commerce anticipates a transformative year for the space sector – one that will be marked by substantial increases in launch cadence, spacecraft in orbit, connectivity, novel applications, and global reliance on space services. As precursor missions for a crewed return to the lunar surface ramp up, we take a deeper dive into the underlying trends that will shape the development of the space economy for years to come.

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  • Celebrating The Anniversary Of Stephen Hawking’s Lifetime Achievement Award

    In late 2018, Professor Stephen Hawking was posthumously awarded the International Space University’s first Lifetime Achievement Award, which was presented from the International Space Station where the award remains to this day.

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  • Technology Trends Driving the Commercialization of Space in 2023

    “Fifty-one years since humans last set foot on the lunar surface, 2023 is set to be one of the most eventful years in recent history for commercial and scientific use of Earth’s largest satellite.”

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  • The Space Report: 36th Space Symposium Special Edition

    Featuring the articles: “Three Dimensions of Building Toward a Sustained Lunar Return” by Ian Christensen and Leslie Conn and “Getting along on a busy Moon” by Dr. Michael Simpson and Elias de Andrade Jr.

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  • Vatican Observatory Podcast on Lunar Exploration

    “Living on the Moon: Why and How?” A Podcast with ISC Co-Founder Chris Stott and NASA Astronaut Nicole Stott

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  • Toward a Blockchain-Space Nexus: Challenges and Opportunities to Security, Stability, and Sustainability on the Final Frontier

    By Benjamin P. Shapiro, Chris Stott, Elias de Andrade Jr., and Michael Potter

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  • What We’re Reading: Back to Earth

    By Nicole Stott

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  • What We’re Reading: Manners Will Take You Where Brains and Money Won’t

    By Donald G. James

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  • What We’re Reading: That Buck Rogers Stuff

    By Dr. Jerry Pournelle

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