Robert Jacobson

Robert Jacobson is the author of ‘Space Is Open For Business.’

His writing draws upon his experience in private equity and angel investing as a cofounder of the investment firm Desert Sky Holdings, and from his time as a principal with the Space Angels Network, which targets early-stage aerospace opportunities.

Jacobson is an experienced and successful community builder, and he counts co-founding the Aerospace & Defense Forum – a global aerospace and defense leadership community of over 1500 executives – and co-founding the 62MileClub.

Jacobson is a bridge builder who connects fast-paced transformative efforts to meet goals and objectives, skills facilitated by his unique education.

His background includes a degree from University of Southern California, where he studied business and music, earned a MFA from the California Institute of the Arts, completion of the International Space Univeristy’s Space Studies Program, and a certificate of Real Estate Investments from UCLA Extension.