What We Do

The Institute of Space Commerce reviews and publishes written works and supports communications related to commerce in space through forums and social networks. The Institute also provides research work to all in an open source format.  New ideas, discussions, debates.  All is welcome on the topic of space commerce.

Free markets, free minds, free space.

No topic is off limits in a debate on the future well-being of the entire human race. Space commerce impacts every industry and every issue in the world today.  There is not one UN Sustainable Development Goal that cannot be met without space.  Indeed, many if not all of the issues we face in the world today can be addressed through space.  So why aren’t they?  That’s also a topic we discuss and seek action to remedy! We seek to tackle major issues: from climate change to the e-economy; deep space exploration; space habitats and settlement of the Moon; space resources; space based solar power; space tourism; launch systems and satellite operations; the growing Low Earth Orbit Economy; the use of space in agriculture; medical research, and more.  To date, we have over open source 150 papers on many topics of space commerce and we need more. We need you to tell us your space story!