The Institute of Space Commerce (ISC) has announced its final winner of Best Outer Space Films of 2020. The Institute’s co-Founder, Chris Stott declared, “Life does imitate art, and the Institute’s choices for the Best Outer Space Entertainment of 2020 hold this truth at their core. We are nothing without our story tellers. They put the ‘A’ into Science Technology Arts and Engineering and inspire us all.”

On the role of films and progress in outer space development, Michael Potter said, “As humans, if we are able to imagine it, we suddenly become closer to being able to build it. We are locked into an endless feedback loop with Hollywood. Indeed, humans create the movies, but movies also re-create us. This is a process of coevolution and ontological design, where humanity is forever changed, by what we ourselves have imagined, designed, and created.”

1. Best Outer Space – Dramatic Series
“The Expanse” – Season Five

2. Best Outer Space – Inner-Space Dramatic Feature
“Midnight Sky”

3. Best Space Full Length Documentary
High Frontier

4. Best Space Corporate Short
“Starship | SN8 | High-Altitude Flight Recap”

5. Best Space Agency Short
NASA’s — “Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover Landing Animations”

6. Best Space Empowerment Short
“For Womenkind “

7. Best Space Emerging Industry Short

“ICON & BIG 3D Printing of Olympus Base on the Moon”

8. Best Classic Space Entrepreneurial Documentary
“Orphans of Apollo”

9. Best Classic Space Documentary
“Apollo 11”

10. Best Agency Human Spaceflight Short

Top 10 Space Commerce Events 2020

While the world wrestled with pandemic, 2020 was a powerful year in achievement for space commerce for solving some of humanity’s greatest challenges. According to the Institute of Space Commerce, 2020 is the breakout year for commercial space. Top 10 notable events and milestones include:

1. SpaceX’s First Commercial Human Launch & Return ISS

2. Starlink – SpaceX – Global Internet Satellite System

3. NanoRacks Commercial Airlock Module on ISS

4. Virgin Galactic First year as a – publicly traded company

5. Momentous Space space transportation company and Stable Road – announce SPAC – Public Markets

6. OneWeb Emerges from Bankruptcy

7. Redwire acquires 3-D printing innovator Made In Space

8. Project Kuiper, AWS & Blue Origin testing accomplishments

9. Planet space completes its SkySats remote sensing network

10. On orbit fueling – Mission Extension Vehicle (MEV-1) from Northrop Grumman Corporation/SpaceLogistics LLC, the extension of Intelsat 901

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